What to Note About Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping is a process similar to tree pruning but differs in the sense that it sometimes involves cutting off the tree top completely. It is primarily regulated by relevant authorities in Sutherland, meaning you cannot just go and lop a tree how and when you feel like.

The process involves a lot of formalities like obtaining a permit and hiring an arborist to carry out the task. Failure to comply with the legal authorities on their provisions on tree cutting will bring you penalties and more actions.

Other than this, the Sutherland government has established law and regulations guarding the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, it is advisable to read and understand the manual before taking any related to trees cutting.

The process of tree lopping is so simple but sensitive to some extent. Its simplicity lies in the fact that you can easily do the lopping using simple tools like a saw. However, it requires a little skill.

Also, it requires a lot of care lopping a tree since there is a likelihood of decay as a result of open wounds that are attacked by pest and fungi. As a result, it requires the services of experts and professionals like arborists to lop and treat the tree after pruning. This ensures that the tree is not open to parasites and fungi causing decay and dry of trees.

There are various reasons why lopping is essential:


Trees are beautiful and attractive. They come with several benefits like shade and wind. However, they can bring huge problems such as property destruction.

Property destruction can occur when the tree dries up and fall or may result when heavy winds blow it, breaking weak trees, which in turn, falls on the property.

Other than this, trees that are not strategically planted can cause massive and minor accidents to children and even adults. Therefore it is good to be extra careful with the trees in your compound. You should keep on inspecting them once in a while especially those that are near paths and buildings.

Growth stimulation

There are high chances that you love tall trees, have a tree plantation, or fruit farm. In this case, it is recommended to carry out tree lopping activities. This will play an essential role in stimulating the rate of your tree’s growth.

Also, through lopping, you are in a position of eliminating infected branches and the pest, which in turn enables the remaining branches to grow faster and healthy.

Opening views

Sometimes trees in a concentrated area can grow and form a bush. This is usually beautiful, but dangerous in some way.

Malicious activities can happen in a bush without the owner’s consent. However, that’s not the main reason for carrying out lopping on a tree.

The critical point for opening views is purely genuine, and that is to open up the road, home, barracks, and other compound views. Opening road views reduce accident chances and cases of running out of control when driving on uneven roads. Also, Opening a home view would attract the customer to buy it when you consider to sell it.

Aesthetic purposes

Some people perform tree lopping for beauty reasons. The professional arborist would lop a tree to attain the shapes required by the owner.

Also, there are several great shapes that you can make your tree look like. For example, a very leafy and branched tree would form a beautiful Butterfly look. However, the process is dangerous since it may alter the growth rate of the tree and later lead to drying up.

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