What to Note About Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping is a process similar to tree pruning but differs in the sense that it sometimes involves cutting off the tree top completely. It is primarily regulated by relevant authorities in Sutherland, meaning you cannot just go and lop a tree how and when you feel like.

The process involves a lot of formalities like obtaining a permit and hiring an arborist to carry out the task. Failure to comply with the legal authorities on their provisions on tree cutting will bring you penalties and more actions.

Other than this, the Sutherland government has established law and regulations guarding the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, it is advisable to read and understand the manual before taking any related to trees cutting.

The process of tree lopping is so simple but sensitive to some extent. Its simplicity lies in the fact that you can easily do the lopping using simple tools like a saw. However, it requires a little skill.

Also, it requires a lot of care lopping a tree since there is a likelihood of decay as a result of open wounds that are attacked by pest and fungi. As a result, it requires the services of experts and professionals like arborists to lop and treat the tree after pruning. This ensures that the tree is not open to parasites and fungi causing decay and dry of trees.

There are various reasons why lopping is essential:


Trees are beautiful and attractive. They come with several benefits like shade and wind. However, they can bring huge problems such as property destruction.

Property destruction can occur when the tree dries up and fall or may result when heavy winds blow it, breaking weak trees, which in turn, falls on the property.

Other than this, trees that are not strategically planted can cause massive and minor accidents to children and even adults. Therefore it is good to be extra careful with the trees in your compound. You should keep on inspecting them once in a while especially those that are near paths and buildings.

Growth stimulation

There are high chances that you love tall trees, have a tree plantation, or fruit farm. In this case, it is recommended to carry out tree lopping activities. This will play an essential role in stimulating the rate of your tree’s growth.

Also, through lopping, you are in a position of eliminating infected branches and the pest, which in turn enables the remaining branches to grow faster and healthy.

Opening views

Sometimes trees in a concentrated area can grow and form a bush. This is usually beautiful, but dangerous in some way.

Malicious activities can happen in a bush without the owner’s consent. However, that’s not the main reason for carrying out lopping on a tree.

The critical point for opening views is purely genuine, and that is to open up the road, home, barracks, and other compound views. Opening road views reduce accident chances and cases of running out of control when driving on uneven roads. Also, Opening a home view would attract the customer to buy it when you consider to sell it.

Aesthetic purposes

Some people perform tree lopping for beauty reasons. The professional arborist would lop a tree to attain the shapes required by the owner.

Also, there are several great shapes that you can make your tree look like. For example, a very leafy and branched tree would form a beautiful Butterfly look. However, the process is dangerous since it may alter the growth rate of the tree and later lead to drying up.

Lower Carbon Footprint with Solar Power

Use the Most Abundant Energy Today

Make the Most of Effective Energy Usage

Solar power continues to make fantastic headway in the ever-expanding field of energy sources. In Lismore, New South Wales, there are highly-skilled technicians ready to install the components necessary to make use of solar power, lowering the carbon footprint of every household in Lismore. These experts are committed to install or upgrade existing systems to make the most of power storage of energy gathered by their solar panels.

Lismore professionals are able to help decide which solar system is best for each customer’s individual needs. This includes not just solar power for private individuals but for commercial use as well. These systems require a battery storage device to make the using energy after sundown or selling back to the power grid. With well-trained experts studying the needs of each household or business, accurate decisions can be made on which systems should be installed.

In the Lismore area alone, solar power usage can lower energy consumption dependent upon over 20,000 plus tonnes of coal-fired power, or 9,000 plus tonnes of gas-fired power. That is the equivalent to taking thousands of cars off the road. Considering buying and installing solar panels? Still on the grid? When the solar energy production exceeds what is being used, the excess can be sold back to the local energy provider. Lowering one’s carbon footprint while saving money is definitely the right motivation to install solar panels to meet energy needs.

Solar Power Solutions

When designing solar power collection systems, there are a number of aspects to consider:

  1. Budget and cost analysis
  2. Usage requirements
  3. System component quality
  4. Available space for installation
  5. Durability and aesthetics of units

It’s essential to consider which system will be able to meet each individual’s needs. Solar setups can be tailored very expertly by seasoned installers. From beginning to end of the instalment process, energy efficient systems are available at reasonable prices. These systems pay for themselves in the long run, whether staying on the grid and selling back excess power or being completely independent of the grid.

Understanding Solar Power Application and Utilisation

Solar power is an energy source that is delivered daily at no extra charge. The only part that actually needs to be paid for is simply the collection and storage system. Solar power, since the year 2001, has benefitted over one million homes and businesses in Australia. This gives a good idea of how sustainable power can benefit each individual customer. Using solar power is also a good way to completely get off the grid, being dependent on no other entity to power the house or business where the materials are installed.

Lismore City Council’s Goals

Lismore has become a model of sustainability for making all of Australia, aiming for 100% sustainable energy consumption. Now using what are termed “solar farms” as the main energy producing systems, sustainable and renewable energy makes great headway in lowering carbon footprints throughout the country. With these goals in mind, energy consumers everywhere are turning to solar power as one of the best options for energy production.

Making the most of the experts in the Lismore area, households have been able to lower carbon usage, save money, and make ground-breaking improvements to production and consumption in households and businesses. Whether on or off the grid, solar power is the new face of Lismore. Join in the improvement in energy savings today!

Green landscaping

What is Eco-Landscaping?

Landscaping is a process in which a yard is made to look more attractive. This could involve changing the design of a garden, adding plants, or putting up ornamental decor. However, not all types of landscaping are completely focused on aesthetics. Eco-landscaping helps you to improve your yard in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We spoke to a landscape gardener in Perth to find out more.

Adding Sources Of Shade

A lack of shade can drive your utility bills up. When you have nothing to block out the sun’s hot rays, you will ultimately spend more money in order to keep your home cool. However, you have options that go beyond cranking up your air conditioner. You can also add some sources of shade to your yard.

One of the best ways to get more shade into your yard is to plant a tree or two. Even a single tree can provide plenty of shade. A well-placed tree can bring down the temperature inside of your home, which can bring down your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.


Trees and shrubberies can provide shade, but they can also provide shelter against the wind. In the eco-landscaping world, plants that guard against wind are known as “windbreaks.” Having windbreaks around your home can lower the temperature drop from the windchill. This will make it easier for you to heat your home.

You have more control over the temperature of your home than you might think. You should use a heater to keep your home warm in the winter, but you should also look at some of your landscaping options. If you plant bushes, trees, or other evergreen plants in the right spots, you can mitigate the impact that wind has on your home.

Using Greener Materials

You should be careful about the materials you use in your garden. Before adding any material in your garden, you should look at it closely and make sure it won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

One material you may want to avoid using in your garden is concrete. The process used to create concrete produces a lot of carbon monoxide. If you’re interested in using concrete but are worried about the impact that it will have on the planet, you should explore some of your other options, such as recycled concrete.

You should also try to avoid any lumber that has been treated. Treated lumber contains potentially hazardous chemicals. The more natural materials you use in your garden, the better.

Avoiding Chemicals

It’s not uncommon for people to spray chemicals on their lawn. While chemicals can help you to get rid of pests, they can severely damage the plants and the soil in your garden. An important aspect of eco-landscaping is finding alternatives to chemical products.

Eco-landscaping may sound complex, but it’s actually quite simple. When you landscape your yard, you should think about whether or not the actions you are taking are harming the environment. If you start to change the way that you landscape, you’ll be able to improve the overall look of your lawn.

Hand hold house against green field

Energy Saving Home Design Tips

Energy-efficient homes can certainly save homeowners’ time and money and also help them mitigate risks to environment. Energy saving homes are commonly comfortable by nature and design elements as well as the appliances are utilized to reduce usage of energy contributing to better air quality and more controlled temperature and humidity levels. It’s easier to integrate energy saving elements to home designs when a house is being constructed. Moreover, it’s also highly possible to make changes after a house is built to effectively improve energy efficiency.
If you are in search for energy saving home design tips that you can try, the following tips might be the ones you are looking for and can take to your Perth builder to create an energy efficient home:

Installing Cool Roof

Cool roof designs help in decreasing temperature and deflecting sunlight of the roof as a whole. This in turn lowers the temperature level of the home. Some roofing installers will utilize particular types of materials during cool roof installation. Professional installers use materials that comply with Energy Star rules and regulations. The benefits of cool roof designs include energy reduction to about 15%, decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution and carbon emissions reduction.

Adding Skylight

Skylights are proven to increase the efficiency of the home and improve air ventilation, heating and interior lighting. Depending on the design of the home, it may be hard to incorporate skylights. It would therefore be a smart choice to consult an expert before thinking about cutting out pieces of your roof and putting in a window. Experts also suggest skylights to be bigger than 5% of floor area in one room with several windows and not bigger than 15% of floor area in room with no windows.

Installing New Flooring

Flooring also play vital role in maintaining the temperature of the home and cutting energy costs. Rugs and carpeting ideas and designs help trap heat and keep the home warm especially during winter. Flooring experts can help you choose design options that cut energy cost. Installing new flooring is a cheaper way of cutting costs as compared to projects such as gutting the siding and replacing with energy-saving alternatives.

Landscaping to Save More Energy

Smart landscaping is also another energy home design tip that you can follow. You must practice smart landscaping and get yourself familiar with landscaping designs aimed to help you save energy at home. If your landscaping includes planting low-maintenance and native plants, choose the ones that do not require lots of watering. This can help you save on your water bills.

Hang Ceiling Fans

Aside from being an accent into your roof, ceiling fan can also reduce utility costs and a great alternative to HVAC system. Ceiling fans are more economical. These still require electricity however; these are far less expensive than using automatic cooling system.
By applying these energy saving design tips in your home, you are able to achieve significant energy cost savings and you are also given the chance to experience and enjoy living in an energy saving home.

field of spring grass and forest

Why Compressed Air Tools Are Better For the Environment

Air compressors, ideally known as pneumatic tools are capable of more than cleaning, spray painting and inflating tires. With the right air tools, a typical air compressor can do a broad range of both industrial and domestic tasks including sawing, grinding, hammering, drilling, sanding, polishing and much more. In fact, it is hard to think of an application for which a standard tool cannot be replaced by its pneumatic counterpart. These air tools provide a number of advantages over the standard electrically powered ones. They are easier to use, more economical, more reliable, often safer, and increase productivity. The benefits, however, do not end there as pneumatic tools tend to be more environmentally friendly compared to their counterparts. That being said, here’s why air compressed tools are better for the environment:

Require Less Fuel

One of the best things about pneumatic tools is that the only need a fraction of energy or fuel to run tools and equipment that need a lot of power to operate. This simply means that switching to air compressed devices for domestic and industrial tasks significantly reduces the demand for fuel, thus reducing the depletion of resources while saving you money. So, if you are looking for a way to reduce running costs while minimising your carbon footprint, then pneumatic tools are the answer.


Another appealing thing about pneumatic tools is that they outlast their conventional counterparts. They have fewer movable parts, and that increases their durability. These tools rarely break, and if they do, it’s probably because they were neglected for an extended period. The good thing about this level of durability is that it results to less junk. With air compressed tools having a guarantee of decades, you won’t see a lot them in the junkyard.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

When compared to traditional tools, air compressed ones have fewer movable parts. This is one of the primary reasons why they require less fuel to run. Numerous industries today use air compressed tools for air filtration, inflation, spray painting and other applications to help reduce their carbon footprint. This alone makes them eco-friendly.

They are Recyclable

Another environmental benefit of these tools is that almost every part is recyclable. This alone reduces the amount of clutter out there. You may not have noticed this, but pneumatic tools can be used for tasks other than what they were initially designed for. For instance, you can use a faulty air compressor for your next paint-spray job or to even spray pesticides in your garden.

They Can be Used off The Grid

Given the fact that air compressed tools require less energy to run power demanding applications, they can be used in almost any environment. Pneumatic tools utilise compressed chambers to store power, making them usable even when off the grid. This fact alone is an environmental benefit since they do not emit greenhouse gases.

These benefits are not only environmentally friendly, but they also save you money in the long haul. So, reduce your carbon footprint and save some money by investing in air compressed tools.

Green Options to Consider When Renovating Your Home or Building a New One

Living green or being more environmentally friendly is no longer just a trend. It has become a necessity to ensure that there will be enough resources and a safe planet for future generations to live on. As with most good things, it starts at home. If you are thinking of renovating your current home or building a new one, think about using sustainable materials to do the work. There are several contractors and home improvement specialists that are using environmentally friendly materials.

To start making your home more sustainable, use a home improvement specialist to make the following simple changes.



Sustainable Building Materials

Use materials that are sustainable when you are building or renovating. You can find these materials at hardware stores or by doing some research. Recycled or salvaged materials are the best to use. They are sustainable and add personality to your home.


Sustainable Building Features

Building features like solar panels, energy-efficient windows, green roofs, and skylights are all options for a more sustainable home. Some of these features may be costly, but they will save you energy and money in the long run.


Be Creative with Construction Waste


When you build or renovate, there will be waste materials left. Your home improvement specialist may know what to do with them or you can hire a removal specialist. If you go the removal specialist way, make sure that they get rid of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner like recycling. The third option is to make use of these left-over materials yourself. Get creative and use bricks for paving or building a landscape feature, use floorboards or other left-over planks for shelving, etc.


Insulate Your Home Properly

A sustainable home requires good insulation. It goes beyond the pink stuff in your roof and walls, but that is also very important. When you are renovating, get a specialist to check and update your insulation when needed. Also, consider installing new windows and doors that seal properly and are made with sustainable materials. Good insulation will drastically reduce your use of heating and cooling systems in the home.

These are a few tips, but there are many more options for making your home more sustainable. Hire a contractor that you know will keep the environment in mind. A company like Kogan Solar Boost is a good option.