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As we go forward into the twenty-first century, we are beginning to understand the value of living green. Lowering our carbon footprint is a great idea, but is it possible for a residential customer? Finding experts in the solar energy field is easy on the Gold Coast. Australia hosts over two million solar power systems, and that number just continues to go up. In the meanwhile, costs for solar power are steadily going down. Affordable solar power is available not only to businesses but to residential customers as well.

Being able to take control of the high costs of power bills is one of the many things to enjoy about solar power Gold Coast. Solar power is the cleanest source of renewable energy to be found. To add to that benefit, it is also the cheapest form of renewable energy on the market. Not only are customers able to go green, but they are also saving money at the same time.

Uncover the Myths About Solar Power:

Solar panels are high-cost investments:

  • Not so. The production costs of solar power systems in the market have lowered considerably throughout the years. As compared to fifty years ago, solar energy improvements have lowered in costs by five hundred times. To add to that advantage, solar energy costs steadily continue to lower, while traditional energy costs, such as coal and gas continue to rise.

Electrical bills are rising because of subsidies:

  • This is simply not the case. The fact is, subsidies for solar power only affect approximately six percent in typical electricity bills, and even this amount is predicted to lower through the next few years. In the real scope of energy costs, the two biggest factors of rising energy bills are network costs (up to 50 percent of bills) and generation costs for fossil fuels (up to 30 percent of household bills).

Solar panels are usually poorly installed:

  • Solar power panels are strictly regulated throughout Australia. Installers must have taken part in various training programs before being qualified to install solar power systems. All installers must be trained electricians.

Solar power is the main reason for expensive grid updates:

  • That at all. Grid upgrades are affected by the continuing rise in energy demands, mainly due to population rises. More electric appliances are being used as these population changes affect energy generation. Due to the need to meet these requirements, additional systems are being built, which require huge investments.

Solar power systems are costly alternatives in lowering the carbon footprint of energy users:

  • Again, this is incorrect. Cutting carbon emissions is an advantage of using solar power. Comparing it to other gas emission programs is simply not going to give accurate results. The main function of solar power panels is simply to produce electricity.

Solar panels can’t compete with other power systems, because it only works during the day:

  • This is not the case. While solar power can only be gathered during daylight hours, it is stored in battery arrays to use non-producing during daylight hours.

Non-renewable energy can contend with fossil fuels financially:

  • Fossil fuels are highly subsidised by the government. Add to that the simple fact that lowering the impact on the environment by using renewable power is able to impact the financial output due to non-renewable fuels that damage the environment. To add to that benefit, the health of the environment improves overall health.

Solar systems are only practical for rich people and businesses:

  • That may have been the case decades ago, but as time goes on, the installations of solar systems are rising steadily with lower, fixed incomes. This trend will only continue. With this benefit, solar power adds to competing prices of other power systems. With that competition, the market must shift to meet cost trends. It will only shift in the favour of customers.

Consider changing to a solar energy system to lower costs, protect the environment, and improve health conditions throughout the Gold Coast. Here comes the sun!

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