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how to buy the right air conditioner

When buying an air conditioner most people make the mistake of buying a unit which is considerably cheaper. This could be because of a smaller size or a lower quality. However, it should be kept in mind that an air conditioner which is smaller or low quality would increase electricity consumption and would also have a smaller life span. When a small unit is used to cool a bigger room, the condenser has to work more often, this in turn has an adverse effect on the internal equipment and thus the life span can be considerably reduced. This means you would have to replace the unit gain in a few years only.

Keep the following things in mind when buying an air conditioner:

The size of the room helps determine the size of the AC you should be buying

The experts at air conditioning installation in Canberra suggest knowing the right dimensions of the room to buy a unit which is just right for the room. A room which is around a hundred square feet is easily cooled with the help of a one ton AC, while a room which is more than two fifty square feet would need a unit which is more than two tons. Getting an air conditioner which is either too big or too small for a room is not feasible. This is why before you purchase an AC, make u you have got the dimensions of the room in mind.

A few other factors to be taken into account is the weather. If you live in an area which tends to be much hotter during summer, getting an AC with a higher tonnage is advisable. Also those who stay on the top floor should get one with a higher tonnage as well.

Energy star rating

The higher star ratings an air conditioning unit has the less power it consumes and t the same time provides a much effective cooling. However, a five star rating unit might cost a great deal more than other units. So it’s not mandatory that you buy an AC with the highest rating. If you plan on using the air conditioner for a couple of hours a day you can even make do with an AC with three energy stars.

Get to know about the company’s after sale services

Once you have purchased an AC you need to make sure you know the company’s policy regarding service and maintenance of the cooling unit. It is better to get the unit services by the same company you bought it from. This would help keep your AC working in top order and you wouldn’t have to worry a great deal about whom you should hire to perform yearly services on your cooling unit.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind before you buy an air conditioner is one way of knowing that you are getting the right air conditioner. If you aren’t too sure about buying an AC you can always rely on the services offered by air conditioning installation Canberra.

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